What If Being Wrong Wasn't A Bad Thing?

Great winners all have something in common. Passion for the game. study, preparation, analysis, visualization, & motivation.

Why Am I Doing This?

As I was developing my own trading process, and started to see radical success, both in my professional and trading life, lighting struck. Being able to define high probability opportunity from low probability is the genuine difference between a professional and an amateur. Because trading can be so difficult large communities are easily swayed by advice. My goal is not to advise but to demonstrate the values, ethic and process that have made me into who I am. These values drive me.

  • Integrity.
  • Authenticity.
  • Determination.

My passion to teach you and watch our ideas grow has led me here. Trading is a discipline that requires focus, mental excellence and rigorous processes. While it’s easy to criticize, I would like to make one point of my mission abundantly clear.

I think most industry talking heads and gurus are sharing what they know will not work for you, giving you just enough to keep coming back and [giving them the benefit of the doubt] they hope you’ll put together over time. Because, it does take time, a lot of time. 

My view is, the time it [profitability] takes is DIRECTLY proportional to the concreteness of your process.

My Mission Statement

Every choice is a result of a process that can be understood, documented, managed and exploited for gain. I’m teaching a community how to do that better than anyone else.

Allow me to say a little more, beyond my mission statement.

You do what you believe. You believe what you know. What you know is what’s true to you. Truth is formed through experience and experience is a process. In fact, perfection itself is a process and progress is the proof it’s underway.

Therefore, only by understanding process will you ever be a great trader, or great in any area of performance where talent seems to be the key ingredient.

“Every mistake You've ever Made Was Preceded By A Thought, And THAT thought Explains Your Process, Directly.”

The Way I Think...

Imagine for a moment that you’re walking through ancient civilization Rome. You’re amazed at all the merchants, the commerce, the opportunity and you’ve heard about “the market”. The market isn’t a foe…though it can harm you and it’s not a friend, though it can reward you. It’s something that seems to exist despite and in support of the choices people make. You’re fascinated. You’ve heard about the opportunity and now you’re ready to have a turn. Got the visual? Now, as you’ve started your career, let me twist the analogy a small amount.

The market is a language, traders, especially the vocal ones are like philosophers with a local dialect. They can help interpret for you but rarely give you the skills to ascend to their level…there’s simply no financial reason to do so, and for many reasons it’s not in their best interest to provide much more than an opinion or insight that passes out of value like a quip that only makes sense in the exact context in which it occurred. “You had to be there”. Inconsistent traders who are seeking life’s full reward for daring to risk fortune with the mighty market are entering into the Colosseum with only the most basic understanding of the language. They are surprised at the speed of the discussion (stops & losses). They are quickly made to look like fools (blowing up accounts), they are then directed to local merchants who’ll gladly sell you a way of interpreting the language. I want to emphasize…it’s presented as THE WAY, but it’s only A WAY to interpret the market language. They don’t care if you understand what it means, or how it works, but they’ll take your money to do it. Emboldened by untested assumptions and the testimony of success (also unchecked) the trader runs back into the Colosseum only to get beat again and again without any more clarity then they had at the first. Suddenly a new merchant appears…the Trader Psychologist. You see, it’s your brain. It’s your chemistry. It’s what you ate for breakfast. It’s whether or not you exercised. It’s whether or not you have limiting beliefs…and on and around and again the cycle continues.

You know the one question no one ever asked?  Do you speak the market’s language? Do you really understand what it means when it does what it does? Do you accept that it and not you is always right? Do you not realize that it’s going to do what it’s going to do and it doesn’t know about or care about you? Now…realize that there are hundreds and thousands of others who are trying to work both with the market and at the same time to exploit ‘weak-hands’ as they call it. That’s you! 

Now how are you feeling about taking a trade? Do you have a sense that you might be just a tad bit unprepared? It’s likely because you are.

This is what I teach – How To Build Your Trading Process Better Than Anyone Else.

One final word.

If you’re looking for that last piece of info, that last indicator, that last ingredient in the soup that will make you feel like you have an ATM in your home office, then let’s just part right here. You will not be happy, and I’ll always think you deserve something you haven’t earned.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for wisdom and knowledge that will have a compounding effect on your life, you’re in the right place. Join us.